Re: [NTLK] deepToast battery

From: Sonny Hung <>
Date: Tue Jul 17 2007 - 00:09:36 EDT

On 7/16/07, Steven Frank <> wrote:
> I have a 2x00 battery that has gone deepToast on me. The surprising
> twist is that it's not an Apple battery from 10 years ago -- it's a
> re-celled pack I bought maybe a year ago on eBay and was working fine
> as of a few weeks ago.

 Hi Steven,

I'm sorry to hear that the pack has ceased to function. :(

I have had personal experience while trouble shooting a pack for another
list member recently that I'd like to tell you about.
The user purchased his Newton from an eBay seller which included a re celled
pack that the seller re celled.
Unfortunately was having issue being charged by the Newton

 I suggested that I open up the pack with the owners permission and to my
HORROR - I found NiCD AA's were used inside to recell it. I thought I'd save
a photo so others could see what some people are recelling packs with. I
just recently threw that pack out -

I'm not certain that it's the same problem, but not knowing the receller and
their handy work I'll say it may be a possibility.

> It's showing 0 capacity, and after sitting at preliminaryCharge for a
> while, it gives up and says the battery needs to be replaced.

This is very common when the pack has exceeded it's life expectancy.

I searched the list and tried the suggestions I found (freezing the
> battery, and whacking it against things, both of which seem rather
> unscientific) and no luck so far. I also did a brainwipe, since it's
> part of the standard Newton voodoo ritual, but that didn't help either.

Yes, those are the common things to try.

Any last suggestions before I pitch it and dig out one of my Apple
> packs and see how well it does?

Only thing I can suggest is that you send it to me - I have a Newton MP2000

If you'd like to ship it my way I'll give it a try. I charge a minimal price
if I can revive the pack to hold a charge. Then tack shipping back. If it
doesn't work I'll dispose of it properly.
I've had some success reconditioning some original packs which have been
revived by the process and of which I am using still :-)

Much success to you...

God bless,
Sonny Hung
the Hung Family
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