[NTLK] deepToast battery

From: Steven Frank <stevenf_at_panic.com>
Date: Mon Jul 16 2007 - 23:41:20 EDT

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I have a 2x00 battery that has gone deepToast on me. The surprising
twist is that it's not an Apple battery from 10 years ago -- it's a
re-celled pack I bought maybe a year ago on eBay and was working fine
as of a few weeks ago.

It's showing 0 capacity, and after sitting at preliminaryCharge for a
while, it gives up and says the battery needs to be replaced.

I searched the list and tried the suggestions I found (freezing the
battery, and whacking it against things, both of which seem rather
unscientific) and no luck so far. I also did a brainwipe, since it's
part of the standard Newton voodoo ritual, but that didn't help either.

Any last suggestions before I pitch it and dig out one of my Apple
packs and see how well it does?


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