Re: [NTLK] deepToast battery

From: Steven Frank <>
Date: Tue Jul 17 2007 - 02:22:52 EDT

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Upon further investigation (swapping three different battery packs
between the three 2x00s in my collection), they seem to have ALL gone

They're all at 0 capacity, and don't seem to want to get past
preliminaryCharge. Sort of a personal mass Newton battery suicide.

I started to wonder if the problem could have something to do with
the recent spate of 100+ degree weather. But probably the most
likely explanation is they all got jealous of my iPhone.

Soooo... that's awkward! Maybe if I leave them in the drawer for a
while, they'll start working again. At least I wasn't depending on
them for anything at the moment. And too bad I don't have an
alkaline tray, I guess.

My MP130 still works. :O


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