[NTLK] Let's just say you were a brand new Newton user....

From: Richard Henderson <richard_at_reversesnowplow.com>
Date: Wed Jul 18 2007 - 13:32:48 EDT

Let's just say you've had a 2100 for a little while now, but no time to play
around with it at all.
Where does one begin?

I have the serial cable, and the adapter to interface the 2100 with the
120-esque cable.

How do you load software to it? How does one even access the Newton (in a
WIN environment, in this case) to install stuff?
How does one sync email/contacts etc.?

Please, if you're going to tell me to go read this (or this, or this)
website, and to not bother you, or to look back in the archives, please
refrain, ok?

I'm looking for some help, I've got this sweet unit, and am not using it to
its full potential. I've read a lot of the website stuff out there, but it's
kinda lacking, even the newbie guides are lacking.

Feel free to contact me on or off list.


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