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From: Goodwin, Greg P. <>
Date: Wed Jul 18 2007 - 13:56:38 EDT

The nice part is once you get a Ethernet card and a browser going all
you have to do is download files directly from:

With the cable you are looking at one big question "What desktop do you

        Because if you have the Newton to nine pin serial on the PC,
then it is a matter of downloading the Newton Connection Utility and
sending some files from that to the Newton.

         If it is older Macs, then the older Mac serial port to the
Newton port, Newton connection utility, and then send files.

        If you have something, like say AN ATARI COMPUTER, or something
equally odd:

        Which can send to the Newton using X modem, y modem, or z modem.

        I believe Unix and Linux have their own utilities as well.

Doc Clu

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From: Richard Henderson

Let's just say you've had a 2100 for a little while now, but no time to
around with it at all.
Where does one begin?

I have the serial cable, and the adapter to interface the 2100 with the
120-esque cable.

How do you load software to it? How does one even access the Newton (in
WIN environment, in this case) to install stuff?
How does one sync email/contacts etc.?

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