Re: [NTLK] Fwd: Problem #1...

From: Steven Scotten <>
Date: Thu Jul 19 2007 - 12:30:19 EDT

Making your computer unusable is the point of slowdown.exe. Do you
think that you could run XP on the machines that were state of the
art when Newt got discontinued?

The good news is that it only makes your computer unusable
temporarily. You can sync, quit, and go back to your normal life.

I think on my old 350Mhz Athlon II I had to run three instances of
slowdown.exe in order to sync the Newt. Your Centrino is probably at
least five times as fast. If it weren't for the additional overhead
of XP over Win98 you'd need ten or fifteen instances. So I doubt two
will do the trick.

Good luck,


On Jul 19, 2007, at 9:10 AM, Richard Henderson wrote:

> Yeah, I started with one, gradually increased the "slowdown", no good.
> Added a second instance, same result.
> Third instance literally makes the laptop unusable.
> I just don't get what I'm doing wrong, here. I'm certainly not
> lacking in
> general computer skills (I'm a DBA, for heaven's sake!)... so I'm
> missed
> something that I'm thinking is probably *very* obvious.

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