Re: [NTLK] Status of Wiki?

From: DJ Vollkasko <>
Date: Thu Jul 19 2007 - 13:24:17 EDT

Subject: Re: [NTLK] Status of Wiki?
From: Morgan Aldridge <makkintosshu () mac ! com>
Date: 2007-07-17 22:55:59

> On Jul 17, 2007, at 5:32 PM, DJ Vollkasko wrote:
>> Maybe it's because the Wiki now requires login *and* a graphical
>> captcha-thingie--which incidentally doesn't seem to work at this
>> time--[...]
> That's the issue. Don't worry most people haven't been shy about
> it, I just haven't totally fixed it yet.

Weeeell, then git to it, bub! ;=)

No, honestly, the Wiki is super important, more so (at least short
term) than UNNA. There are several ways to obtain (historic) packages
(plus there haven't been any additions to UNNA since 2005 or 2006),
but there are not so
many options available for information and how-tos. Especially since
the official Newton FAQ was put into a stasis field.

So, by all means--allow me to beg you to fix the Wiki. (Did I get
that right, Morgan--you inherited UNNA *and* actually intend to do
something with it?)

>> What's the long and short here--anybody know more about this?
> Basically, the one thing that PhpWiki requires is GD which was not
> built into my PHP install on the new main server (which also hosts

"Arrrgh, Igor--our evil schemes foiled again by *technology*!" ;=)

> I decided to take this as an opportunity to upgrade
> to PHP5, build and configure Apache 2.2, and add in a whole lot
> of other stuff that's not built into Mac OS X Server by default.
> Needless to say that I knew it was a big project, but it needs
> to be done to take UNNA forward.

"Taking UNNA forward"--now that is something I used to read (and
write) a lot about bc. Basically, this ended in me investing brains
(limited amount available) and labour (a pitiful effort) a couple
years ago, and predictably the whole thing got nowhere (as might have
been expected). Or more precisely: It got there halfway and then died
a horrible death of neglect, which is IMHO infinitely more
embarassing than failing against solid technical obstacles.

If you have something odd laying around somewhere there, perhaps it
might be worth to pick up the threads and continue on that project.

> Currently I have to peek at the PhpWiki source as it doesn't run well
> (often at all) on PHP5. Haven't had the time to do that in a couple
> weeks though.

Hmh, what ressources would you need to speed this up?

> However, some of you might like to know that UNNA is in a Subversion
> repository that (once I get the Apache, PHP, MySQL stuff up to snuff)
> I'll be making accessible to others that might want to provide bug
> fixes sooner rather than later.

And as more people these days talk PHP and MySQL than NewtonScript or
C++, a wonderful future might lie ahead of us... Maybe this list has
another such multilinguistically favored person who might help you--
any takers?

Thank you for your kind and generous reply,

D. Vollkasko

*** "Ask not what your Newton can do for you - ask what you can do
for your Newton!" - J.F. Newtennedy ***

P.S.: Still curious and appreciating all kind instruction per my
other questions (see

--Anybody come up with a Karaoke Player (I've discussed this a couple
years ago with, uh, Daniel Padilla, I think... Somebody else, too...)?
--Or a Tide Calculator?
--A LAN Sniffer Suite?
--Or a Newton SDK for LEGO Mindstorms?
--Or new tricks for GPS Map (import + export of navpoints and routes,
--A Newton ScummVM?
--Did the Newton MAME project ever get anywhere?
--What became of the Newton Press recreation for OSX I'd read about
half a year ago?
--Is Eckhardt already working on Blunt 4? ;=]
--Which hot new developers have popped up, which new apps and tricks
did the Newton learn in the last 18 months? (I *so* miss Daniel
Padilla's Daily Dose Newton blog... ;=| )
--Did Digital Dan et al. ever solve the riddle of multi-format Newton
--And what about hardware--during my hiatus I'd tried to procure some
new kind of AA cells to be tested, did that ever reach NTLK?
--Did anybody take up our beloved Mr. PCBMan's Gearshift project?
--Any news on the clear lid-front?
--What about phone cards, new adapters, massive storage, etc.?
--What about the 2x00 case blueprint, did that ever turn up again?
--How did the new and improved Newtie Awards turn out?

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