Re: [NTLK] Status of Wiki?

From: Morgan Aldridge <>
Date: Fri Jul 20 2007 - 15:05:50 EDT

On Jul 19, 2007, at 1:24 PM, DJ Vollkasko wrote:


> No, honestly, the Wiki is super important, more so (at least short
> term) than UNNA. There are several ways to obtain (historic) packages
> (plus there haven't been any additions to UNNA since 2005 or 2006),
> but there are not so
> many options available for information and how-tos. Especially since
> the official Newton FAQ was put into a stasis field.

I agree completely.

As you can guess, my initial goal was just to get the entire UNNA
site online and 100% intact (luckily the community helped out to
pitch in the few missing bits of data!) The second goal has been to
get everything functioning again, but unfortunately the wiki won't
let anyone edit it at yet, so I'm rebuilding the software to get to
that point. Of course, no point in going half way if I'm only going
to have to upgrade it again to take it forward.

> So, by all means--allow me to beg you to fix the Wiki. (Did I get
> that right, Morgan--you inherited UNNA *and* actually intend to do
> something with it?)



> Hmh, what ressources would you need to speed this up?

I time transplant might be helpful at the moment... or maybe a large
check so I can quit my day job. :)

> And as more people these days talk PHP and MySQL than NewtonScript or
> C++, a wonderful future might lie ahead of us... Maybe this list has
> another such multilinguistically favored person who might help you--
> any takers?

That's the hope! At the moment there's a bunch of the software and
infrastructure work to get straightened out first, but then anyone
will be able to pitch in where they can (and want to) help.

Morgan Aldridge

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