Re: [NTLK] [OT] AT&T - Unlocked!

From: Joshua Cearley <>
Date: Fri Jul 20 2007 - 16:03:38 EDT

I actually like T-Mobile. The service reaches everywhere I've ever
actually taken my cell phone, their rates are actually pretty good and
they can keep their billing straight. AT&T can't make up their mind
which department is going to bill you on what date.

So far I'm seeing a lot of "If people don't know about it, it's ok!"
arguments, which is NOT a good sign. I believe the Neo 1973 can be
purchased in America for about 300$ and it *is* a GSM compatible
phone. Costs 300$, so it's cheaper than the iBrick or various smart
phones and it isn't locked to a carrier (it doesn't even COME with a
sim chip yet).

Locking a SIM card is one of the most retarded things to do, because
it ruins the advantages of having a SIM to begin with (putting data on
the SIM so you can change phones, etc). I see Apple at fault for NOT
allowing people to use the phone without a carrier. Some people use
wifi 90% of the time and would just like a mobile device to pull out
because it's easier to carry, so if the iPhone wasn't carrier locked
and wasn't software locked it would be a viable PDA with phone
features. I also see a major problem in that Apple is eating the

The purpose of a carrier lock was originally so they could give you
the phone at a highly discounted rate and regain their money over the
next couple of months. They would unlock your phone when they regained
their money and you had a phone you could disconnect and take
somewhere else. Apple isn't allowing any discount, so an intentional
carrier lock for a phone more expensive and less feature-filled (the
browser is really all it has) is just not a smart decision. I would
definately keep an eye out on the OpenMoko and Neo1973 projects. Not
as flashy, but the manufacturer isn't trying to milk you out of every
dime they can.


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