Re: [NTLK] [OT] PowerBook G4 or MacBook Pro? TPM? Huh?!

From: Eckhart Köppen <>
Date: Sat Jul 21 2007 - 06:02:40 EDT

On 20. Jul 2007, at 12:37, DJ Vollkasko wrote:
> kindly bear with this [OT] posting--it relates to my heroic
> (moronic?) quest to reestablish onlineity proper and continue my
> service to the Newton community

A noble quest :) Since I'm also trying to figure out a Newton
compatible upgrade path, here are my thoughts...

> What is actually the story regarding the Trusted Platform Module
> implanted in current Intel-Macs?

Well... not that there is any way to be sure, but I think Apple would
not use the TPM chip to restrict booting into another OS, which is
what you would probably do if OS X gets too DRM infested. On the
other hand, never underestimate the ability of hackers, the XBox 360
which uses something like a TPM can be made to run Linux.

On a related note, let's say that if you have any more recent Nokia
phone, you already have an evil TPM equivalent in your pocket :)

> And which were the last models to boot to OS9? Were those the
> TiBooks, or can the AlBooks also do this or do they only offer
> Classic? What about the IntelBooks Pro?

Any PowerPC based machine will run Classic, but for booting into OS
9, you might be out of luck even with a TiBook:

With an Intel based machine, you're out of luck - but there is at
least Simon's excellent NCX to ensure connectivity and get stuff off
and on the Newton.

I wasn't able to make the serial ports in BasiliskII work on an Intel
Mac mini, so if there is anything you need to do which only works in
OS 8/9 (like Newton SW development at the moment), you need a PowerPC
machine. Or a Windows box, because there, I could get the serial
stuff to work in BasiliskII ;)

> My current faves are PB G4 12'' 1,5 GHZ and 15'' 1,67 GH, but how do
> Man, this not-having-a-box-o'-my-own grates me... Gotta do something
> 'bout dat, but as I'd said before: Every decision (G4 vs. Intel-Mac
> vs. generic Ubuntu-laptop) has it's downsides, gotta find the much-
> least-worse-one.

I'm leaning towards either an old iBook G3 (maybe G4), or a MacBook.
Spending much on an older machine doesn't seem to make sense, and G4
PowerBooks are still quite expensive on the second hand market.


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