[NTLK] [OT] PowerBook G4 or MacBook Pro? TPM? Huh?!

From: DJ Vollkasko <dj_vollkasko_at_gmx.net>
Date: Fri Jul 20 2007 - 05:37:27 EDT

Dear Newtonian Mac-users,

kindly bear with this [OT] posting--it relates to my heroic
(moronic?) quest to reestablish onlineity proper and continue my
service to the Newton community ("Who *is* this guy?"--"Weeeell, to
make der lonk and borink shtory short--until his TiBook died he used
ter maintain ze Temporary Newton Library over at Marty's http://
www.stillnewt.org/library and created a couple eBooks off Project
Gutenberg and ozzer sources http://www.stillnewt.org/library/New%
20Additions.txt ...").

What is actually the story regarding the Trusted Platform Module
implanted in current Intel-Macs? Are there any credible statement by
Apple that it will never be actively utilitzed by them? What about
the new OSX release in Fall, will that leave this #§$%&!-DRM-
donglification unused, or will it 0wn your hardware via this One Ring
of Sauron's? ;=|

And which were the last models to boot to OS9? Were those the
TiBooks, or can the AlBooks also do this or do they only offer
Classic? What about the IntelBooks Pro?

My current faves are PB G4 12'' 1,5 GHZ and 15'' 1,67 GH, but how do
they hold up against MacBook Pros with their diabolic TPM-chip? Any
help and pointers appreciated--maybe bc, so this list doesn't feel
crowded (though the number of postings per month is so low that it's
take some serious spamming and quite a handful of flamewars to get
back to 1000+ postings per month I'm used to see here...), but it
might take a while for me to reply (if at all) due to <insert major
sigh here> lack of personal computivitying.

Man, this not-having-a-box-o'-my-own grates me... Gotta do something
'bout dat, but as I'd said before: Every decision (G4 vs. Intel-Mac
vs. generic Ubuntu-laptop) has it's downsides, gotta find the much-
least-worse-one. But ain't that always ze quest, tryink to find
amongst a group of white glowink hot pokers ze one searink hot iron
that'll give you ze least burn... ;=/

Looking for pot-holders--


Former (and future, but not really current) Librarian, The Temporary
Newton Library
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