[NTLK] Nokia 770

From: James Grubic <james.grubic_at_bsd7.org>
Date: Sat Jul 21 2007 - 14:56:42 EDT

I received a new "mint" Nokia 770 yesterday. I have to tell you, it is a
great device. I primarily got it to do web browsing, note taking, and
read eBooks while listening to MP3s.

I had to use the ol' WayBack Machine to find the Einstein binary for
this unit. It's going to take a bit of work to get my Newton or eMate
ROM extracted, but I will see what I find out. I have heard Einstein is
really slow on this device. Also, it looks like it does some low-level
messing with the OS that I may not want to get into since I am liking it
so much.

My initial gripes:

- default storage card is 64MB, max is 2GB.

- handwriting recognition is really weak. I have to write really slow
and clearly for words to be recognized. The "learn" feature allows you
to define letters, but I can see that I probably need to delete all of
the presets and start anew. I will stick with the onscreen keyboard for
the sake of precision.

- An eBook reader (FBreader) doesn't come with the device, you need to
install it after you figure out how the unit installs software.

- MP3 player doesn't like custom encodings that were done to save space

- no calendar or sync options

- lack of third party software available!


- superb 800x480 screen

- easy to create high-resolution wallpapers

- FBreader is highly customizable (I am viewing teal text on a black

- easy to switch into fullscreen mode and rotate screen

- WiFi

- Bluetooth pairing with phone or computer

- web browsing is definitely on par with iPhone from what I can see

Hope this helps someone considering one of these devices.


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