Re: [NTLK] Connecting with Bluetooth

From: Adriano <>
Date: Sun Jul 22 2007 - 13:27:00 EDT

Dear Kevin,

why buying a Ambicom bluetooth card at $47.00 when you can afford
to take a Pico Bluetooth Card for only $29.00 from the following link?

Other than for the cost of the card alone, I think that there are
at least two other reasons to get the Pico one.

First of all, shipping cost is fixed at $8.74 for any country in the

Second, the Pico Card that you will find on the above mentioned link
is exactly the same hardware used by the developer of the 'Blunt'
bluetooth drivers for Newton, so that such assumption can prevent
any of your doubts about any kind of compatibility issues.

Apart from that, in order to solve the problem of having to find a way
to install the needed bluetooth drivers on the Newton side, as I already
sent to another buyer (Winston MacKelvie) a memory card with the all
the drivers pre-installed, I am sure that he would be happy to ship
the same card to you, or to any other in need. [Just send me a private
message to manage this, eventually]

Then, as you said you own a Mac Mini, you can sit down on your favourite
chair handling your MessagePad and just feel fine, cause you won't need
to do anything special in order to make the devices estabilish
via bluetooth. Instead it would be a really pleasant experience.

In example, once paired Newton with the Mac Mini, just select a file
on the Mac OS 'Finder', and push the following buttons on the keyboard:

command + shift + b

Pushing those three buttons would let you have the bluetooth file
server triggered and pointing to your Newton within a second. Cool,

Kind regards,

Adriano Angelillis
MessagePad Accessories

22/lug/07 kevin redding wrote:

> Gents and ladies too if there are any on the list,
> I have found a monster pile of AMBICOM [I think] BT2000CF PCMCIA card
> Bluetooth adapters for $47 a piece. I think this was one that was
> usable by Newton 2000. If it is, and I go purchase one, and I have a
> driver for Bluetooth Setup on my machine, what do I have to do to get
> it to connect to my cell phone when its connected to the net, or my
> Mac Mini running OS X 10.4.10?
> Kevin
> Gilbert, AZ

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