Re: [NTLK] NewtMP3Conv.exe / please?

From: Grant Hutchinson <>
Date: Sun Jul 22 2007 - 22:43:39 EDT

In a previous message, Marcus Hammerschmitt typed vigorously:

>This is absolutely brilliant. Everything works as before. Grant and
>Steven, I'm indebted to you. You saved me not only expenses but also
>the embarrassment of lugging around yet another gadget + accessories.

Vincent got back to me regarding the source code for his
NewtMP3Conv program. Here's what he had to say:

>I found several backup copies, but I have no idea which is most recent
>working file. (I found the backup files in my Mac, and I don't know why
>I copied in there.) :'-( And also I don't have compiler right now
>because it's in my Vancouver office(I am in Korea), so I can't be check
>whether it works or not.
>ps. Sorry for my poor English. :'-(

Needless to say, he sent me the source and it is now available
for download from my server. If anyone wants to poke away at
this, please document your changes and I'll make sure the newer
revisions get published as well.

By the way, I've renamed the original executable archive for
consistency, so the link in the previous email will no longer
work. Use this one instead:




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