Re: [NTLK] NewtMP3Conv.exe / please?

From: Marcus Hammerschmitt <>
Date: Sat Jul 21 2007 - 19:08:55 EDT

At 21:42 21.07.2007, you wrote:
>In a previous message, Marcus Hammerschmitt typed vigorously:
>>I somehow managed to lose that MP3 to PKG converter
>>for Windows.


>I managed to contact Vincent at one of his previous email
>addresses. He sent me the original .zip archive for MP3 to PKG
>Converter 0.2a.
>You can download it from my server:

This is absolutely brilliant. Everything works as before. Grant and
Steven, I'm indebted to you. You saved me not only expenses but
also the embarrassment of lugging around yet another gadget +

Thank you so much for your support!




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