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From: Anthony Morrow <>
Date: Tue Jul 24 2007 - 11:05:39 EDT

There have been three versions of the os since the 770 was released,
OS2005, OS2007 and OS2007. The device has seen good improvement since
the first iteration. The 770 is, in many ways, like the Newton 100
was back in 1994. The handwriting sucked, there were few
applications, the general public didn't really understand what is
was, etc. I took a chance and bought one of them when Apple
discounted them to $150.00 and realized immediately that it was a
groundbreaking piece of technology. I've been using Newtons since,
because they were and still are unique and useful devices.
The thing to recognize is that the 770 is not a PDA and certainly not
a Newton. It was not meant to be a PDA or a phone, or a desktop
substitute, it is a mobile portal to the Web. Secondarily, it is a
media player. Unfortunately, its not fully compatible with current
web standards so that are some things that it doesn't do well yet,
like Youtube, Google Video and Myspace, but that is changing, too. It
does work relatively well at general web browsing, playing videos and
light email. Back when Steven reviewed the 770 there were only a few
apps available for it but that's changing fast as there is a very
active community over at has a
rapidly growing archive of new software, as well. With few
exceptions, the software is free and most of it is pretty good.

The 770 and the 800 are, I think, best suited to take advantage of
Web 2.0 apps and many of them work well now. The change in paradigm
that Ajax, mashups, and online collaborative application are is just
now being realized. Nokia's big challenge is to make sure that
whatever browser is included is as fully web compliant as possible.
Just take a look at All Things Web 2.0 (
mtree/), there are dozens of apps just waiting to suck up all of your
free time.

I bought my 770 at and got another 10 bucks off by using
Google Checkout and paid 129.00 with not tax and not shipping. Thats
less than I paid for my first Newton. For me, it was a no brainer.
The thing was very useful right out of the box for web work.

The Other Tony Morrow

On Jul 23, 2007, at 7:01 PM, Scott Hanselman wrote:

> I agree with Steven. I have the 770 and it's fun, but it's slow,
> slow slow
> and the handwriting recognition is truly unusable. If you really
> want to,
> get the 800, but ultimately prepare to be disappointed.
> On 7/23/07, Steven Frank <> wrote:
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>> On Jul 23, 2007, at 12:22 PM, Scott Rogers wrote:
>>> Yeah. My finger's still twitching over that button.... 90% of
>>> what I
>>> do on my laptop I could easily take care of with a smaller, more
>>> efficient gadget.
>> Well, just 'cause I love raining on parades, here's a few of my
>> thoughts on it from back in the day:
>> I sold it and upgraded to the N800 (didn't review it though) which
>> fixes some of the problems, but it's still pretty clunky. Don't
>> expect anything like the Newton's ease of use.
>> Steven
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