Re: [NTLK] Nokia Phone Card 2.0/NewtSMS+

From: Olaf Bohlen <>
Date: Wed Jul 25 2007 - 02:27:41 EDT

On Wed, 2007-07-25 at 00:05, Andy Hill wrote:

Hi Andy and Andreas,

> > The SMS function works fine, too, after setting the SMSC number on the
> > SIM card.
> When I tap on SMSC it says to set this on the phone? What does this
> mean, and how come there is space for 12 digits in prefs but my sim has
> a number with 19 digits?
> Also when I choose check modem, all the checks are ok. When I go to
> send, I get through the following:
> SMS start 1
> Preparing Modem
> Checking pin
> then it just hangs?

I have exact the same problem here (D2 Vodafone Germany SIM, Nokia
When I type "Check Modem" in the "i" Menu, it says that no PIN was
given. But I entered (and also re-entered the PIN).
I had NewtSMS+ 1.10c beta on the Newton before, maybe it's an issue with
left-over config settings?



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