Re: [NTLK] [ANN] Newton Connection Tools for Windows - Release 1.0 online!

From: Andy Galluzzi <>
Date: Thu Jul 26 2007 - 10:58:53 EDT


I have not tested the software without the class registred! Please, start iNewton before you start Newton Package Manager. Without the class registred I could get an Access Violation when I try to install the package. The real thing is that it should not allow you to start without that class registred, you have found a bug!

I'll try to fix it now, and load a new setup, because I thing not many people has tested it up to now. Also, I'll try to fix the installation problem with iNewton registration, the real problem here. Please, confirm me if this problems are solved when the class is registred. When you start Newton Package Manager, iNewton should start too.

Thank you again, Scott! This kind of bug are simple, but important and should be fixed. And the most difficult thing is to detect them, so please, if somebody else find a bug, please notify it. The software is great and is a bad idea dissapointing because of silly bugs.


Andy Galluzzi wrote:
> Thank you very much, Scott.
> The "Class not registred" error appears because of a failure in the
> installer. If you run the iNewton application first, it will register
> itself, and that problem dissapears. It's curiosus why somebody looks
> for Newton Package Manager before the iNewton program...
> As of the Access Violation, I would like to see them, because I tested
> it a lot and couldn't get one! How do you do that? Please, send me
> screenshots and tell me how do you get it, so I can fix it! Thanks!
> Best,
> Andy.
> Scott Hanselman wrote:
>> Exciting stuff, truly, congratulations and good luck. However, when I run
>> your tools, I get "Class not Registered" and many "Access Violation in
>> NewPkgMan.exe" errors...
>> On 7/25/07, Andy Galluzzi <> wrote:

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