Re: [NTLK] Top 10 Apps?

From: Jon Glass <>
Date: Thu Jul 26 2007 - 13:11:58 EDT

On 7/26/07, Douglas Johnston <> wrote:
> I'd like to ask: what would
> you folks consider your top ten applications, games and utilities,
> maybe with a one-line description of each?

You know, these kinds of discussions used to be quite popular on this
list. I bet that if you did a search through the archives, you would
find some of them. They were always a blast. :-)

However, to kick off a new one. I don't know how many I'll come up
with. I'm just browsing my Newton particular order:

* PocketMoney was my life saver. Would still use it if I could get my
OS X box to connect... :-(
* GeekGas. for checking gas mileage, etc.
* Adam Tow's Alarm Clock--get it. love it ;-)
* Nick's MarkIt, for selecting text, etc. in Notes. Invaluable little tool
* Everything by Echhart Koppen (

those are the apps. Now for extensions, etc.
* Iambic Paper Pack. I find the 2-Column stationery to be
essential--better than the built-in calc and simpler than Works'
*OneTap Scroller (puts a tiny set of icons on notes to aid in quickly
navigating through the paper roll.
*alt.rec for various HWR issues
* DragNDrop Names. Write a name and address in Notes, like you would
on paper, hilite it, copy to clipboard, open Names, drop. And there it
is! Take that Palm!
* Styles+ Another Adam Tow app. Improved Styles pallet
* Backlight+ (automate your backlight, and create a tap-able corner
for turning it on and off manually)
* Datebar (cool shortcut for navigating Dates)

Items no 2K model should be without (I don't consider these
optional--you should have these installed)
* '61 memory fix
* UnProtect:Eggs (to allow beaming and moving protected items to and
from cards--in this day and age, we all need this)
* HWRWorks by SAI (allows HWR in Works obviously)
* FIX 2010
* Daylight Savings (or is that no longer needed once the change has
been done? I no longer remember!)
* Bigger Notes (although some claim it causes problems)
*alt.rec--I suppose should be here, but some may have problems? I no
longer remember)

Purely for fun
* Plan 9
* Egg Freckles (not necessary on 120/2.0 and 130s)

I have a couple others, but the last I heard, they were still
commercial, so I hate to list with the rest:
* QuickNames (quick access to names--sweet!)
* Bar Keep (or Dashboard if you prefer instead)

Yes, it is a rather long list, but I can't imagine my Newton without
any of these!!!

Have fun...

Oh, one other resource I forgot about!

If you want to know more about much software, check out this site:

it is _still_ around, quite amazingly! Granted, the vast bulk of the
links will be no longer valid, but somehow, that site is still in
place! Go figure!

 -Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
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opinion.   --Winston Churchill
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