Re: [NTLK] Highs and lows (slots)

From: Douglas Johnston <>
Date: Fri Jul 27 2007 - 10:55:42 EDT

On 27-Jul-07, at 12:58 AM, matthiasm wrote:

> Do you know if the slot worked originally? If so, you probably have a
> mechanical failure. If just one soldering connection comes loose,
> your PCMCIA won't work. This can easily happen on a port with such
> high mechanical load.

I just got received it used about two months ago. Given that I wasn't
able to get my wired or wireless cards working in it (I thought I was
just doing something stupid), it was likely that way when I got it. :-(

> - clean the contacts: get a professional contact cleaner fluid and
> brush all 50 or so pins of the PCMCIA slot. Don't use automotive
> "contact spray"!

This I might be able to do, if I'm sufficiently fortified.

> - if that doesn't work, a solder connection may have come loose. This
> is more involved and requires an electronics repair station which
> softens all solder joints using hot air and effectively resolders
> them. A cell phone repair shop may be able to do this.

No cell phone repair shops in subarctic Canada (where I am),
unfortunately. Heck, we're lucky that we have a town where cell
phones can work. :-(

I'm thinking that you're right, an expert might be needed for this....

all my best,

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