Re: [NTLK] Writer from Low End Mac - New eMate owner with Q's...

From: Joel M. Sciamma <>
Date: Mon Jul 30 2007 - 05:11:22 EDT


> I love the eMate as well. Except that to this day, I have yet to see
> clear-cut, idiot-proof instructions on how to connect it with OSX.
> Tried all
> the other apps: nothing.

It depends what you expect from the connection. The eMate is not
special in any way in this respect.

NCX and a Keyspan adaptor is a guaranteed method of connection for
copying data between the Newton and OSX with nothing tricky or secret
to make it work. This gives you an excellent bidirectional Works
paper transport and access to your other data as well as a very good
keyboard connection.

Synch is a hard thing to do reliably and I personally don't favour it.

Connections which don't use the serial port are much harder to get
working but can be reliable once established.

Backups are ideally made internal-to-card or card-to-card with
something like SBM instead of using the PB as a target.

So, what are you hoping the connection will do for you?


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