[NTLK] I'd like to interview the teacher who uses eMates in her classroom...

From: Tommy Thomas <thomas_at_lowendmac.com>
Date: Mon Jul 30 2007 - 17:06:10 EDT

Hey everyone! I was going back through the archives and saw someone
who posted that she bought eMates for her classroom at one school
district, and she ended up going to a new district. She was able to
use them there. She even had a website. Does anyone know where I
could contact her. I'd like to interview her as part of a future
article about the impact of the eMate in education. I'd really
appreciate it! :-)
I also have another question... Is there a way to have a picture
wider as part of Avi's Backdrop, for an eMate. Newton Press only has
the traditional size for the other Newtons. I'd appreciate any help
with this! :-)


Take care and May God Bless,
Tommy Thomas
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