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From: Daniel Padilla Roldán <>
Date: Sun Jun 03 2007 - 16:30:31 EDT

Using ViewFrame or SoupKitchen, you can browse the "system" soup, then
in the "UserConfiguration" entry, are all the slots you could access
with the GetUserConfig() function.

Hope this helps

Matt Howe escribió:
> OK, I have another newbie programmer question. GetUserConfig() takes a
> symbol as a parameter. Some of the documented symbols are: 'name,
> 'papersizes, 'phone. I have also been looking at all of the code I can get
> my hands on and I have come across some un-documented symbols, at least not
> in my documentation, one of which is 'userfoldergroups. Which leads me to
> the next logical question, what other un-documented symbols are there? And
> how can I get a copy of these symbols and other un-documented symbols and
> functions?
> I have the Newton Programmer’s Reference For Newton 2.0 and the Newton
> Programmer’s Guide For Newton 2.0 and the Newton Programmer’s Guide: 2.1 OS
> Addendum and the NewtonScript Programming Language.
> What other documentation is there? Or is there a function that people use to
> reveal this through the inspector?
> I am really close to releasing the first app that I wrote. I wrote a back
> ground app. Yes, I know we have a butt load of back ground apps. But this
> one is exactly the way I want it. Also, I had to do something to learn on
> before tackling my Outlook sync client, Ladle. I have most of the PC half of
> Ladle done but as I mentioned in another Email, I had to give up on the DIL
> and write my own client due to errors in the DIL.
> Matt (Ducky) Howe
> Owner of a MP2000U and an Emate
> (Newton)
> (Newton server)
> (Desktop)

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