[NTLK] Newbie alert: Here comes another one!

From: Alexandre Souza <alexandre-listas_at_e-secure.com.br>
Date: Thu Jun 07 2007 - 23:02:30 EDT

    Hi you all, my name is Alexandre, I live in Brazil and got a MP2000.
Nice to meet you all

    This will be a lenghty and nice message, hope it don't bore you all ;o)

    The good news is that I got a MP2000! So bad it isn't a 2100, but
nothing I can't upgrade. Here lies the first problem: no one tells how!!! Of
course, being a hardware developer, I already opened my newt (omg, it could
be easier!), compared photos of motherboards (that could exist in the web in
a higher resolution!) and found that the "44-pin edo or fpm 1mb ram memory"
that is said in an old and not-avaiable-anymore site is hard to find as
surplus. But as soon as I can figure out which memory numbers are, and a way
to protect the ROM slot while hot-air-soldering the new chips, I'll upgrade
that and publish a tutorial :o) I promise!

    The bad news is: Whadarrel I do with that?

    First, the PC connection: No easy connection like in Palms? No tutorial?
No newbie help? Ok, I hope you help me. I'll make a page in my site with a
big newbie tutorial. But at this moment I just know nothing to do. Since
there seems to be NO newton users in my city, I think I'll have a hard time
bootstraping this thing. I'll have to do that crazy dangerous mod putting a
DIN-8 inside of my puppy, and so later I can play with syncing. Ok, no
problem, I can live with that.

    Second, is the deception of NOT having a PDF reader for that. PDF is
what moves the world!!! Try to find ONE manufacturer of electronics' that
doesn't make their docs avaiable in PDF? Unfortunately I'm pretty handy with
a soldering iron. At least I know which end to grab. But nothing about C++
and OOP programing, so I cannot help on this subject.

    Third is: What about news? The newton FAQ is some 4 years old, and the
UNNA archive was last updated in March 5, 2004. What happened in these 3
years? No news? No new development? No new tools? Is any site being ACTIVELY
updated? I want news!!! Gimme news!!!

    Fourth, here we go: What about new hardware? I can understand old
hardware isn't being made anymore. But what about news? BTW, docs about old
hardware? I wasn't able to find any info about the ROM card of my new toy. I
think I can add a great deal of storage on that card if someone is willing
to program a driver for that, and I can find some info. No, I don't want to
redraw the schematic of that board. Although seems the only option :P
Another redrawing :P

    Fifth, developers! Where are you all? No updates?

    Sixth, and I'm trying to remember the cardinal numbers from english
classes: Any site that ACTIVELY follows the updates of newton

    Seventh: Newbies!!! Newbies!!! A crash course for newbies!!! How to save
more souls if you don't give the path??? I want to learn to use this nice

    Hope you all understood my questions, hope my small knowledge of
electronics can help the comunity :)

    Greetings from Brazil,

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