Re: [NTLK] I need help with the last NTK issue for my first pkg.

From: Daniel Padilla Roldán <>
Date: Sat Jun 09 2007 - 08:12:24 EDT

Matt Howe escribió:
> As the subject says, I have worked out everything for my first NTK project,
> another backdrop app. I know there are a butt load out there but this one is
> set up just how I want it. Anyway my question. How can I get the Newton to
> refresh/redraw the screen after I have changed the format of a proto through
> the prefs layout? I have certain features that can be turned on and off via
> the prefs but the change is not viable till I restart the app. Once I finish
> this I think I'll be ready to start creating my sync app for the Newton. I
> already have most of the PC work done.

    Usually, the best way to modify a view is using the
SetValue(frame,'slot,value) function to change its properties, because
it causes the view to be redrawn inmediately.

    If you cannot use it for any reason, the manual way would be: make
any modification to the slots of a view, send a view:dirty() message
to the view, and then issue a refreshViews() command.



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