Re: [NTLK] eMate hinge repairs

From: Scott Strungis <>
Date: Fri Jun 15 2007 - 20:17:58 EDT

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Datum: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 10:26:37 -0400
Von: Winston MacKelvie <>
Betreff: Re: [NTLK] eMate hinge repairs

> kI 'repaied' mine by adding a minute drop of oil from the tip of a
> toothpich (or pin) onto the visible hinge rod/spring. This reduces
> the friction which causes spring windup that leads to spring pull-out
> and hinge failure. Easy to do. Dip the pin in the oil (light, non-
> motor oil such as 3in1 or sewing or hobby oil). The oil naturally
> spreads along the shaft by capillary action..
> Winston
No kidding? This is applied at the point between the lid and the body just where the silver hinge rod is visible? And it reaches the springs without trouble?

I'll have to contemplate this (and see if I have something to use!. What about something like liquid wrench or wd40?


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