Re: [NTLK] eMate hinge repair

From: L.W. Brown <>
Date: Sun Jun 17 2007 - 14:17:42 EDT

To quote the Masters:

        Since recently the never-ending story popped up again...
        Here's what someone sent me the day after I suggested he should
        fix the hinges as soon as possible:
                Hehehe, your timing was impeccable. Here's how my luck went:
                Day 1: Plugged in eMate, played with it, and decided to fix
                the battery.
                Day 2: Found your site and succeeded in building new pack.
                Day 3: Showed off eMate to friends, read about hinge problem,
                and decided to fix on Day 4.
                Day 3.8: Tried to finish typing letter on eMate before bed,
                and found digitizer stopped responding.
                Day 4: eMate fully apart according to your guide -- cable
                has at least two damaged traces.
                You definitely told me so! It would have been nice if the
                hinge had given me one more day, but it wasted little time.
                Repairing that cable (and reassembling the unit) isn't
                likely to be easy or particularly fun.
        Morale of story: Do not wait a single day. Do not hope that
        applying a drop of oil will fix things for any time worth
        mentioning. Take the eMate apart, take the hinges apart,
        clean them, fix the springs, re-grease them and reassemble.
        Instructions are here:
        If you do not feel up to it, have someone do it for you. Do
        not wait. Do it now. Both Woody and myself offer this repair
        at a reasonable fee. Woody is the person to go to if you are
        in the USA, myself if you are in Europe, since this will reduce
        shipping cost.
        Frank Gruendel

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