Re: [NTLK] Keyspan Serial adapter - not functioning properly

From: L.W. Brown <>
Date: Fri Jun 22 2007 - 23:59:47 EDT

In SafeBoot, the Mac will not load "external" drivers at all (in case
they are what's causing the >need< for SafeBoot), so your Keyspan
drivers will never load until you fix the underlying problem and boot
normally again.

It might not be hardware - your disk directory may simply need
rebuilding (Alsoft Disk Warrior is generally the best, but there are
several that are good, like TechTool, and it often is the case that
one will work where others won't).

Other times tho problem may be a touchy USB device (not even broken,
just maybe needing more power than the port it's plugged into can
provide [and different ports on a laptop do >not< all provide the
same amount of power]) - try rebooting with ALL peripherals (even
FireWire) unplugged. If that's the problem, try a different port, or
- even better - use a powered hub.

On 22. Jun, 2007, at 21:07, Apostolos Koutropoulos wrote:

> Unfortunatelly my powerbook is dead in the water.
> Some hardware component has failed (which one I do not know) - I am
> using it in safe boot mode until I can afford to get a new MacBook Pro
> On Jun 22, 2007, at 8:48 PM, Thomas Brand (T2) wrote:
>> I would say fixing your PowerBook might be a safe start.

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