Re: [NTLK] Catastrophic hinge repair?

From: Douglas Johnston <>
Date: Sun Jun 24 2007 - 14:42:34 EDT

On 24-Jun-07, at 1:46 AM, Martin Joseph wrote:

> Sounds like the contrast is set to minimum and not seated into the
> slider as it should be.
> This means the emate is probably working perfectly, but you just
> can't see it because the contrast is set wrong....

Well, I stripped 'er down again, double checked for all the
connections, and this time (thanks, Marty) I made sure to put the
sliders into the right slots on the motherboard. This time, when I
connected the battery, I heard the magical chime!

So, partial success, but now the backlight doesn't come on. I hear
the transformer whine, but there's no light. I checked the soldered
connections, and they seem solid enough. (Red wires to the right,

Ideas for troubleshooting this latest blub of mine?

(I keep consoling myself with the fact that the hinges are probably
fixed. ;-) )

And am I the only person who finds the screws are incredibly soft and
really tight? I've had to use my Dremel to give new slot heads to at
least four of them by now, so easily are they stripped.

all my best,

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