Re: [NTLK] Pocket Quicken backup of my MP 2100 info

From: Dan <>
Date: Thu Jun 28 2007 - 10:33:35 EDT

On 6/28/2007 9:06 AM, wrote:
> Greetings, true believers:
> I have used Pocket Quicken on my 2100 for the past few years; keeping track
> of literally every credit-card and bank transaction during that time. As you
> can imagine, it is filled w/ alot(!) of info.
> Not that my trusty MP is showing signs of being overloaded, but Pocket
> Quicken is taking longer & longer to record a transaction these days...
> I use a Powerbook 2300c running OS 8.x to backup my 2100 (still finding a
> use for it!) and I would like to backup my Quicken info on it. Can anyone
> guide me as to how to best accomplish this goal?
> I am assuming I need to get a copy of PQ for the classic Mac OS. If that is
> the case, I would also appreciate some leads on where to score a copy.

Well if you can't find a copy Pocket Quicken version you need and want
to speed up PQ for and not loose your transactions. I would suggest
doing a full backup of your Newt (or at least where your Pocket Quicken
data is and not a incremental backup) then save this backup file
labeling it such as "Pocket Quicken data 2005-07" or something similar.
   Then in Pocket Quicken use the "trim transactions" to delete the
older transactions you don't need to have on hand at all times. This
will free up storage space and speed up Pocket Quicken, yet allow you to
restore old transactions if you wish. But before you do a restore, make
sure you have a current back up to restore to later or you will lose
all your transactions after the date of the "storage backup".


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