[NTLK] Pocket Quicken backup of my MP 2100 info

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Date: Thu Jun 28 2007 - 09:06:37 EDT

Greetings, true believers:
I have used Pocket Quicken on my 2100 for the past few years; keeping track
of literally every credit-card and bank transaction during that time. As you
can imagine, it is filled w/ alot(!) of info.
Not that my trusty MP is showing signs of being overloaded, but Pocket
Quicken is taking longer & longer to record a transaction these days...
I use a Powerbook 2300c running OS 8.x to backup my 2100 (still finding a
use for it!) and I would like to backup my Quicken info on it. Can anyone
guide me as to how to best accomplish this goal?
I am assuming I need to get a copy of PQ for the classic Mac OS. If that is
the case, I would also appreciate some leads on where to score a copy.
Craig W.
Houston & Atlanta
MP 2100, STILL my main organizer/phone book/money manager
MP 120, organizes and tracks my 1200+ cd collection
Plus a eMate, several 1.x MPs, and an OMP

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