Re: [NTLK] Paul's ATA drivers and registration

From: James Wages <>
Date: Sat Nov 10 2007 - 17:30:11 EST

First of all, I'd like to thank Jon Glass for the detailed explanation.
That clarifies matters, as well as opens the door to speculation about
Paul's new job...

On 11/11/07 3:49 AM, "Matt Howe" <> wrote:
> If he is working anywhere in the portable, handheld, cell phone development
> area it could be considered a conflict of interest.
> ... they did not want their employees make competition for their big customer.

To this I can only reply with the excellent comment that Riccardo Mori

"I fail to understand how developing fixes and solutions for a 10+ year
old handheld device and technology can represent a 'conflict of
interest' for a company which is evidently oriented to very modern
solutions and technologies."

While offensive to some here, I must say that our Newton hardware and
software is "dead" technology (i.e., no longer being developed by the
company who gave birth to it, now mainly supported by
hobbyists/enthusiasts). Hence, it does seem odd that any company would find
work on ATA Support to be a conflict of interest.

I can therefore only assume that Paul is now working for Apple, possibly on
the iPhone team. That would make the most sense to explain why he could no
longer touch anything Newton related. Steve Jobs won't have any of that!
But if Paul is working for any other firm, it still would seem odd that
minor work (a few hours a month?) on a dead platform would ever be deemed
"sacrilegious" or "offensive" or "a conflict of interest." It must be
Apple. Hmmm. :-)

--James Wages

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