Re: [NTLK] Bookmaker for osx

From: Morgan Aldridge <>
Date: Sat Nov 10 2007 - 17:54:59 EST

On Nov 10, 2007 5:06 PM, Andrew Forrest <> wrote:
> Now to get the dev system out and write an os x maker. could be fun!

J. Tyler Nichols started such a project (Newton X Press) around April
of last year. You can see some of the discussion here on NewtonTalk in
the archives:


I believe his work was based on the developer documentation and some
of Eric W. Brown's (of <>) reference
materials originally published for a CS course at BU. Unfortunately,
Eric's BU page is down, but it looks like it was grabed once by the
Internet Wayback Machine:


He also developed and maintains the Newton Book Reader Extension for
Firefox <>, so he hopefully still
has the info archived elsewhere as well.

Tyler went silent part way into the project and his site is down as
well, but a couple of his news pages are cached by Google:


Morgan Aldridge

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