[NTLK] Newton and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard: all seems fine

From: Riccardo Mori <rick_at_poc.it>
Date: Mon Nov 12 2007 - 07:47:34 EST

Dear all,

I'm happy to report that I successfully connected my MP2100 via
Ethernet to my PowerBook G4 using Simon Bell's NCX under Mac OS X 10.5
Leopard. After establishing the connection, I could send text files
from the Newton to the PowerBook and viceversa, install packages on
the Newton, and taking screenshots of the MP2100. I haven't tried any
backup or synchronisation procedures, so I can't say anything on that
matter. For my personal needs, however, it's more than enough.

All seems fine also as regards to Bluetooth. Connection was successful
with a PICO card, Blunt 1.0 and the correct modules installed (great
work, Eckhart!). With Bluetooth I only tested file exchange between
the Newton and the PowerBook. I still don't know how it behaves with
calendar and addresses syncing. New in Leopard (or so I think) is the
capability of sharing the Mac's Internet connection via Bluetooth.
When I have some time, I'll download Courier and I'll try to see if I
can browse the Web using the shared Bluetooth connection. I'll try to
keep you posted :)


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