Re: [NTLK] Goodbye

From: Abraham Limpo Martínez <>
Date: Tue Nov 27 2007 - 14:58:01 EST

> I suppose that, were I to admit it, I hardly use my Newton any more.
> It makes a good note-taking platform, and is great for calculating my
> monthly bills (using the 2-column notepad stationery), but I don't
> carry it out and about with me any more.... However, I find it
> difficult to pull the trigger in quitting this list. I did it this
> past summer, due to a super-busy schedule, but it didn't last long.
> ;-) Maybe you'll hang around here, and pop in on occasion? Well,
> thanks again for everything...

It happens the same to me. Due to the dreary support of Spanish in the
Newton, I stopped trying to get the HWR working and, got back to paper
not very after. I still have an eMate for scribbling some notes, and
recently purchased a new battery to make it portable again, but it
saddens me to se my "newton box of goodies" gathering dust. Yet, I still
read the Mailing List every month or so to see if there is any news that
can rekindle my passion for the Newton.

My friends are starting to call me "dead gadget hugger" for my hobby of
purchasing and using these apparatus only when they are "dead" (i.e: the
newton, the amiga) or "dying" (i.e: the Palm). They say I work as a some
sort of predictor: If I purchase a gadget, this will be soon dead. It's
hard for normal people to understad what we see of value in our gadgets.
Yet I still have to find a set of apps more tightly integrated that the
Newton ones. Notes, Dates and Names are my favorite applications, with
probably NewtonWorks and NewtonPaint following closely. I never needed
anything else, and never found a suitable replacement for this set: Palm
is too dumb and relies too much on Sync function (I seldom sync my
newton, my primary backup is Paper!), windows apps are not very well
integrated and they seem an afterthough (hey! I have a PDA that can play
music, videos and games, and sometimes I can get names from it too!),
neither had good unicode support when I tried them (I tested recently a
Palm T|X and my Japanese and Korean friends' names were jumbled).
Neither can make a distintion between home use and pro use and I'm not
the type of person to go and install tons of options to customize its
gadget: if it does not do what I want it to do out of the box, it will
never do it.

A friend of mine lent me a Zaurus C-1000 (a linux-based PDA, very
customizable, several distro options available, has keyboard but is
smaller than the eMate). Altought the initial prospect seems not very
attractive to me (customizable usually means "needs a bit of work to get
it running properly" in computer jargon), I will give it a try.

But probably I will go back to my newton. It's difficult to forget and
discard more than ten years of love and admiration.

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