[NTLK] Past Experiences (Was Re: Goodbye)

From: Abraham Limpo Martínez <abraham_at_familialimpo.net>
Date: Wed Nov 28 2007 - 04:16:26 EST

Laurent wrote:
> I have pretty good success writing in French using printing
> handwriting. Can write accented characters just fine. I hardly have
> to correct what I write. For those tough words, I add them to the
> dictionary. Of course, that forces you to write in printing, which
> was the way I have been writing, so it was easy for me but might not
> be that easy for you.
> -Laurent.
I can write in printing just fine, but when I pick up speed I tend to
join letters, thus cursive worked better for me. My first newton was a
120 and after a couple of years I trained it to the level I seldom had
to correct the words, but it was an american rom and didn't have support
for accented characters (or I couldn't make it to work, but I guess it
only works in "printed" letters). I purchased a Newton 2000 and the
increased speed was a boon for writing, but it suffered from two
defects: it developed jaggies when I operated for extended periods of
time (i.e: half an hour), and the though of retraining it again was,
well, dreary. When my newton 120 died of unknown causes (I suspect a
defective battery, that or the newton tried to charge a non-rechargeable
battery), well I just stopped using newtons as a main source and switch
to paper: I didn't have to train paper to recognice my writing, it
stored everything in ink, and had all the apps I knew and loved (names,
dates, notes and newt(del)(del)(del)(del)paperpaint ;-) ), of course the
memory was WORM (write-once, read-many) wich meant that every half-year
or so I had to replace my paperpad and every other time change the
stylus tip (of my mechanical pencil).

The patron saint of lost causes wrote:

> I've been called the "Patron Saint of lost causes" :) And kudos on the Amiga fandom. What do you have? I need to get a 3000 working with OS 3.9 but forgot what version of > kickstart roms I would need. My current project.

God forbide us of purchasing an iPod, for surely it will be its doom! XD

I got a dead (in "not working") Amiga 500 that I found in a dump and I
ressurrected by replacing some parts and purchasing others anew. It ask
me for the workbench disk, so I guess it works. Before the repairs, it
participed in the reenactment of the infamous monty python sketch of the
"dead amiga": -hello, I want to return this Amiga - Why? - Because is
dead - No! It's resting (and then we argued how the amiga platform was
being actively developed); we plan to bring this "live compo" to the
euskal party (an oldschool computer party, famous in spain) next year ;)

As for the question, I think you will need kickstart 3.0 at least,
although it will need at least a 68020 processor. and if you want it for
games and old apps, it's better to go with a 2.0 ROM. I'm not an Amiga
expert but I think if you have at least a 2.0 ROM you can execute the
Amiga OS 3.9... But probably I'm wrong ;)

As it still has some quirks, I hope than in the euskal party I will find
some Amiga guru that help us complete the repairs (as, for example,
replacing the floppy unit. I heard is not as easy as it sounds).
I also have a sony hitbit MSX computer, also with broken floppy drive.
Pretty tight machine, even if it was microsoft idea, with very nice
games like "treasure of usas" or "metal gear". Of course, I purchased it
long after the platform stopped selling ;) In spain it is still in heavy
development, with new games(I saw a couple years ago a nice port of
drumMania) and apps (the "internestorsuite" adds a TCP/IP stack and a
web navigator) by a small group of hardcore fans (which also are great

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