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From: Goodwin, Greg P. <>
Date: Wed Nov 28 2007 - 10:11:59 EST


While I've been waiting for Apple to develop some type of "Tablet"
laptop so I could use as a handwriting notebook and a ebook reader it
doesn't look like that will happen so I'm thinking about a Newton.

Could you please advise this novice but well versed Apple user if the
Newton would serve my needs for the above, ebook and notebook?

Also, if I was to begin looking for one I would not want to start at
the bottom as I'm pretty techy and could get my way through things with
a little help.


The Newton 2000 can be useful for reading... a little bit of Newt's Cape
can convert online webpages to books, there are eReaders that kinda read
book files, and books themselves can be modified to work on the Newton
using a desktop.

My advice, don't sell the iPod Touch short. Saw one the other days and
thing is fairly handy and with wifi support, is fairly more useful than
I thought it would be.

So two options here.

As for Newtons and reading, if you don't mind converting books, I always
thought the Newton 100 had the best weight, feel, and form factor. I
have been tempted in recent history to pick back up again a Newton 100
or 110. They had a nice rubberized coating that was just nice, though
kinda rubbed off in time too. :) Oh well.

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