[NTLK] IrOBEX: TX and MP2100

From: t-na <tnatran_at_sprintpcs.com>
Date: Tue Oct 23 2007 - 00:36:18 EDT

I can receive beams from the Palm TX to my MP2100 just fine. But I can't get the Palm TX to receive beams (from Notes) from MP2100. I have Neo, Nito, and IC/IV installed. The TX recognize and receive the beam from MP2100; there's no error on either unit. But the note received on the Palm TX is not what was beamed. It's just 2 characters that look like "py"

Should I reinstall the Neo, Nitro, IC/IV? Or is something else missing?
Any idea what is wrong? At least it's not crashing the Palm TX like it did the Treo!

Thank you!
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