Re: [NTLK] newted servers working?

From: <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 2007 - 19:14:48 EDT

> Hi Gary.
> > I was just trying to create a newted account but when I clicked on
> > Submit I got "" refused the connection. Repeatedly.
> > Is there a problem?
> The Newted server is running fine, but I need to ask a few questions
> before I can figure out what is actually going on ...

Glad to here the service is still alive. These days I never know what to
expect ...

> 1) What type of "account" were you try to create? Are you attempting
> to request a Newted Community membership? Or are you signing up for
> access to the message boards?

Membership. I have an idea how to use a newted mail account to improve my
Newton mail experience. (Sorry if that reads like a real estate add).

You might notice that my original message came from my MP, but this reply
is from a webmail client. That is because my Newton gets overwhelmed with
all the traffic I get. My ISP will not provide IMAP service. I want an
account I can forward select messages to, then reply to them from my MP.

> 2) Were you accessing the Newted site from your Newton, or using
> another computer?

B. FreeBSD unix box

> 3) What web browser were you using?

Epiphany, which is based on Firefox.

Something you didn't ask: I am at work and we have a pretty tough http
proxy server. Usually the only impact is that the hostname and IP address I
connect with is not actually my own, but occasionally it gets nasty in
other, unknowable ways.

Something else: At what point do you ask for payment, because that did not
happen up to the point I reached.

Gary Dunn
MP110, MP2100
Open Slate Project

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