Re: [NTLK] newted servers working?

From: Grant Hutchinson <>
Date: Tue Oct 30 2007 - 10:38:22 EDT

In a previous message, typed vigorously:

>> The Newted server is running fine, but I need to ask a few
>>questions before I can figure out what is actually going on ...
>Glad to here the service is still alive. These days I never know what to
>expect ...

I hear you.

>> 1) What type of "account" were you try to create? Are you
>>attempting to request a Newted Community membership? Or are
>>you signing up for access to the message boards?
>Membership. I have an idea how to use a newted mail account to improve my
>Newton mail experience. (Sorry if that reads like a real estate add).

Gotcha. I don't see any reason why you would be getting an
error, unless it does have something to do with your proxy
server. In your original message, you mentioned that the
connection was refused by "". Was this the exact
domain name that was returned? Or is "neted" a typo? If this is
in fact the domain that was returned, then I may have a problem
with the form redirect.

Otherwise, I would like you to try going through the process
again, making sure that you start at the
domain. I have several other domain names which point at the
Newted server (,, et al.) and it could be
that your proxy server is not passing traffic between one of the
domain aliases over to the main domain.

>> 3) What web browser were you using?
>Epiphany, which is based on Firefox.

Hmmm. That one should work fine.

>Something you didn't ask: I am at work and we have a pretty tough http
>proxy server. Usually the only impact is that the hostname and IP address I
>connect with is not actually my own, but occasionally it gets nasty in
>other, unknowable ways.

This is why I think it may have to do with the proxy. As I
stated above, try again using the same domain name through the
entire process and see what happens. I'll try to monitor my log
files here and see if anything odd pops up.

>Something else: At what point do you ask for payment, because that did not
>happen up to the point I reached.

After clicking the 'Submit' button, you should see a 'Membership
Payment' page. On that page is a PayPal button.



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