Re: [NTLK] Einstein on iPhone

From: matthiasm <>
Date: Tue Apr 01 2008 - 01:17:57 EDT

On 31.03.2008, at 19:43, Jason Lincoln wrote:
> Well, I started out by ensuring that Einstein would build on the new
> SDK. Then tried changing targets to see what would happen. I did
> this for KLibs as well as Einstein. K Libs seems to build fine as a
> static library using the new target which was sort of surprising to me
> but since the BSD subsystem can be installed on the iPhone I thought
> perhaps it would work. When building Einstein for the new target I
> run into complications. There are two at the moment that I am
> facing. One is with missing X11 header files and the other with the K
> Libs dependency. Not sure why the compiler isn't finding the X
> include files since I am certain the X11 SDK is installed and Einstein
> did build cleanly before. I am sure it's just a configuration problem
> in the project that I've caused. So far I haven't had any luck trying
> to resolve the dependency with K Libs that Einstein has by creating a
> new target, one that depends upon a new K Libs target for the new
> target device.

Do not build the target based on X11. X11 is not part of the iPhone
and so it is not part of the iPhone header files (they are different
headers than the system header files).

Einstein for iPhone must be built using the special iPhone version of
Cocoa, which is quite similar, yet not the same. You have to use UIKit
to generate the basic UI and emulator surface.


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