Re: [NTLK] USB to newton (lombard) os 9

From: Adriano <>
Date: Sat Apr 05 2008 - 06:10:55 EDT

Hello Eric,

using the Etherwave you can connect easily to any other machine over
a ethernet network, and if I remember correctly, things should work
without the need of any dedicated driver on the Newton side, and also
with any Mac equipped with both OS9 and OSX.

In fact the Farallon's device is basically a localtalk to ethernet
adapter, and the MessagePad works at its best over localtalk

I have never tested a Etherwave, so I can't say if you would need to
have the NIE packages installed in order to make it work.
However searching the NewtonTalk archives ... <
l=newtontalk&r=1&w=2> ... found a thread from year 2000 with a couple
of useful reports: [1] <
aug2000/0621.html> [2] <

Another quick solution for Newton to Mac connectivity would apply
installing packages over IrDA from your G3 PowerBook. Such setup works
only on OS9 and you will need to have the correct IrDA extensions to
be present on your OS9's Extensions folder.

You can download the 'IrDA Package Installer' by Jerome Vernet from
his website: <>

Here is a direct link for the download of the archived application:

Kind regards,

Adriano Angelillis
MessagePad Accessories at

04/apr/08 Eric A. Engle wrote:

> Faralon Etherwave adapter (ethernet) -- maybe my best
> bet? (this is the hub, not the pc card -- it's minidin
> 9 on one end w/2 ethernet ports on the other -- does
> it require drivers on the os9 side?)
> <snip>
> How can I connect my newton to my pb?
> My pb does have an irda port -- do I need any special
> drivers on the powerbook side? I've tried to connect
> with irda -- unsuccessfully. Should I use appletalk
> for the irda connection? If so with what synching
> program?

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