[NTLK] USB to newton (lombard) os 9

From: Eric A. Engle <engleerica_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Apr 04 2008 - 05:08:27 EDT

My lombard (or pismo?) does not have a minidin 9
minidin 9 serial port! wtf!
I don't have a keyspan adapter =(

What I do have:

Faralon Etherwave adapter (ethernet) -- maybe my best
bet? (this is the hub, not the pc card -- it's minidin
9 on one end w/2 ethernet ports on the other -- does
it require drivers on the os9 side?)
Tokenlink PCMICI adapter (ethernet)(telephone, not
Zoom Modem (56k)
D-link DWL 650+
Xterasys xn2411b
Netgear WG511

How can I connect my newton to my pb?
My pb does have an irda port -- do I need any special
drivers on the powerbook side? I've tried to connect
with irda -- unsuccessfully. Should I use appletalk
for the irda connection? If so with what synching

Argh. With minidin i'd be in and out like that but no
minidin = real puzzle!

Help please!

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