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> My roots are way North of Mississippi (Poland and Michigan's far northern
> Keweenaw Peninsula). However, my woman has exposed me to all aspects of the
> southern mountain-folk culture (southern Tennessee). She detests the idea of
> cooking a steak on anything but an iron skillet, and ridicules me for
> preferring "sweet" corn bread and for putting butter, milk, and sugar in my
> grits ("It's not Cream of Wheat!", she yells at me).


Regarding your woman's ridicule of your 'cream of corn', I must admit it
gave me a cold chill just thinking about it, but even though I love grits
I'm just a "Yank" so what do I know? Maybe the following will be useful.

A very long time ago when I was still living in the States, a friend of my
from South Carolina taught me to prepare grits by grating some Wisconsin
"cheddar" (quantity to taste -- experiment a bit) onto it a short time
before it's finished cooking, and stirring it in well. The flavour is
amazing! You won't need milk or sugar, though you may still decide you want
a touch of butter.

This may or may not help with your lady's frustration at what you do to
grits. I have no idea if this is commonplace anywhere in the South, or if
it's universally despised as grits heresy, but at least in the latter case
it's their own heresy and not some "carpet-bagger's".

If it doesn't help, hit "delete".


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