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April 3, 2008

I never heard it referred to as "white gravy". To me, it was always a "rue", a "white sauce", or simply "biscuit gravy".
My roots are way North of Mississippi (Poland and Michigan's far northern Keweenaw Peninsula). However, my woman has exposed me to all aspects of the southern mountain-folk culture (southern Tennessee). She detests the idea of cooking a steak on anything but an iron skillet, and ridicules me for preferring "sweet" corn bread and for putting butter, milk, and sugar in my grits ("It's not Cream of Wheat!", she yells at me).

My "beef" with biscuit gravy is not the pepper but rather that restaurants (at least here around Detroit) NEVER put large chunks of sausage in it. For convenience, we'll buy the Campbell's brand gravy -- it's got huge chunks of pork sausage in it. On a Sunday morning, I'll heat up a can of that stuff, and we'll pour it over some Bisquick biscuits. Not strictly southern, but darn tasty.

Something my southern woman makes for me on rare occasion (when she's not frettin' about my cholesterol levels) is fried chicken parts -- that means fried chicken legs and thighs, but also breaded and fried chicken livers, hearts, gizzards, and kidneys!? Man, that's some good stuff!

Best regards,

Matt K.
Detroit, Michigan, USA

"You'll rue the day that you made fun of my white sauce!"?


I'm from Mississippi. That *may* be too much flour.

In fact, maybe you should just mix all that up and dump it in the fry daddy. ;)

I usually just mix it all to taste. A big dollop of bacon drippings
(saved in a mason jar and stuck in the fridge). Some flour (1/4 cup
to start). Some milk. A bunch of pepper.

On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 7:49 PM, Woody Smith <woodysmith@comcast.net> wrote:
> I'm not Scott, but my family is from the south where white gravy is
> very important and I want to be clear... thats too much pepper.

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