Re: [NTLK] internet contact issues

From: James Fraser <>
Date: Thu Apr 10 2008 - 05:22:01 EDT


--- Jon Glass <> wrote:

> Do you mean to tell me our Newtons can browse for
> local wifi networks??? Like our computers? And find
>access points??? Is that in the Card options? I need
>to dig mine out. I didn't know that!

I, too, would find the capability to browse for local
wifi hotpoints with a Newton a compelling one.

Are there people on the list that have been doing
this? Or is this still a possibility, but one that
has yet to be practically implemented?

I know there was a thread back in February where
someone had expressed an interest in using a Newton to
sniff out wireless networks, but I don't recall the
thread ever affirming that this was doable in the
here-and-now with existing hardware and software.

IIRC, it was only established that such a capability
*might* be possible with the release of the source for
Hiroshi's drivers?



James Fraser

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