[NTLK] ANN: New books FINALLY added to Stillnewt.org

From: Martin Joseph <NT_at_stillnewt.org>
Date: Thu Apr 10 2008 - 17:12:07 EDT

Hello all,

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Matt Kowalcyk, we have some "new"
Newton ebooks to peruse. Sorry it took me over a MONTH to post
these. I had some issues (stupidity being my primary problem).

Here is the dirt.

Martian Odyessey (don't know much about this)
http://www.stillnewt.org/Library/_Fiction/_Fantastic Literature/

Short story by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. entitled "2BRO2B"

Ironclads - Real life accounts given by the captains and crew members
of the two famous U.S. Civil War ironclad vessels. Interesting stuff
for the history buff.

Pirates - Describes twelve infamous pirates in detail. Want to know
more about Blackbeard? He's in the book, but so are eleven lesser
known scalliwags. Argh, Matey! Ye are sure to find it a fine read.

Tecumseh - A Chronicle of the Last Great Leader of His People; Vol.
17 of Chronicles of Canada


That is all.

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