Re: [NTLK] Forbes looks at 'Apple's Greatest Innovations'

From: <>
Date: Mon Apr 14 2008 - 18:32:20 EDT

> Look at the order here:
> Forbes' "Seven Great Apple Software Innovations" are:
> * OS X: Unix For The Masses
> * iLife: Lifestyle Computing
> * iTunes: Digital Media Made Easy
> * Mac OS: The Graphical User Interface Goes Big Time
> * Newton: A Computer In Your Pocket
> * iPhone: The Web In Your Pocket
> * iPod: Music (and Movies) In Your Pocket

Oh my, not another round of "Newton Returns" posts.

Leave it to Forbes to put the iPod at the bottom. Or is it the top? I
assume the bottom, because the iPod seduces people into downloading content
without permission, and to Big Media that is a bad thing. If this
continues, movie goers will pull guns on the staff and demand to be allowed
in free. And after that? Free cars, free meals on airplanes, total anarchy.

Gary Dunn
Open Slate Project

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