[NTLK] [OT] 4 Channels of Audio to Capture from DV tape

From: John <OceanCity_at_mac.com>
Date: Mon Apr 21 2008 - 14:43:46 EDT

I know this is OT, but have searched high and low to no avail and don't
know where else to turn and I suspect someone on this list will know the
answer immediately.

Using my Canon XL1s video camera I have my audio settings on the camera
set to record (4) four channels of audio to the mini DV tape. This gives
me stereo from the on-board mic, plus two additional channels from 2
remote wireless belt-packs for a total of 4 tracks of audio.

My question is, can any of the older, or any of the newer versions of
iMovie capture ALL FOUR channels? And if not, can Final Cut accomplish

The hardware configuration I have to set up is still running Tiger, have
the DVD's to install iMovie '06 or '08, as well as the DVD's to install
either FCP v5.1 or FCP Express HD, onto the dual G5 PowerMac desktop.
Of these software options which [if any] one would be my best choice for
setting up the most _simple_ installation that can capture all 4
channels of audio?

I want to be able to capture the video and audio, then be able to pick
and choose from the four audio channels which ones to use, mix,
suppress, at will. I'd rather install iMovie '06 if it can accomplish
this, but if need be I can load up FCP.

If neither iMovie nor FCP is capable to record 4 channels of audio, do I
have any other options?

Please respond offline to save bandwidth.

Many thanks in advance,



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