Re: [NTLK] Formatting & Erasing Linear Flash Cards

From: James Wages <>
Date: Tue Aug 05 2008 - 01:29:02 EDT

On 8/5/08 1:51 PM, "L.W. Brown" <> wrote:
> Data corruption is not the same thing as a write error

I am fully aware of that. Which is why I reported in a previous email that
I tried two different approaches. My first approach was to backu up the
content to a bin file on the PC's hard drive, erase the card, then write the
bin file back to the card. This wouldn't work for reasons that you have
accurely pointed out. But I then stated that my second approach was to
erase the card and then open the Prefs on the Newton and then insert the
card. Even then, I cannot format it on the Newton. So this is showing that
data corruption, as you describe it, is not the problem.

Along these same lines, in reply to Sonny's email...

As I stated in a previous post, even with the Prefs open on my 2100, if I
insert my 32MB linear card, I do not get any dialog that allows me to erase
the card. I do get that if I insert my 4MB or 8MB cards with the Prefs
open. But when I insert my 32MB linear card, even if the Prefs are open, I
only get a dialog that states the following:

"There is a problem with this card. (Newton cannot recognize this type of

But like I said before, I used this 32MB linear card for two years without
problem. But thanks to stupid Clarity crashing on my last Sunday, after a
couple resets, the card up and stopped working. Something during those
resets messed up the format. And I feel strongly that such can be restored
by a fresh format. But how can I format the card when my silly 2100 won't
allow me to do that even with the Prefs open?!?!?! It's maddening!

Would Paul Guyot know? Is he still active on this list? I once paid $50
for his ATA Support driver in the past. If Paul can put something as
advanced as that together for the Newton, not to mention Einstein, I would
think he would be the best individual to offer a direct answer on this
linear card formatting issue. Perhaps we're just in need of a little device
driver hack for the Newton!

Anyway, thank you all for your kindness in replying to me. I hope we can
find a solution in the end. There aren't too my of these 32MB linears
floating around. None on EBAY at the moment. And even 20MB cards cost $30
plus shipping. I'd rather not pay that if I can restore what I already own.

Thanks again,

James Wages

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